Hello Friends!

It’s been a pleasure to share with you my images through my Instagram account! I always find myself making up excuses to not work on my website and blog posts when that’s the most I want to share with you all!

I started my blog over a year ago to try a wheat-free diet that didn’t exactly work out. Simply because I kept making excuses to not do things because I’m afraid of actually doing something…. Sounds silly, but all I want to do is share true experiences with you all.

I started my blog on Squarespace because I was inspired by someone else’s blog and asked them for advice. Though I found it challenging when I was trying to put together what I saw in my mind. I then got busy with school, work, and life as you know it. Eventually, I lost aspiration to continue learning and working on my blog.


Anyway, I have now switched over to WordPress and I’m starting out fresh!

I have a lot of stuff I want to share!



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