Hey friend,
You ever feel like what am I doing with my life? Feeling so unfulfilled with what you are doing or not being in the place you wish to be? Yeah? Because that’s exactly where I am. Because I feel this way I do not feel motivated to do anything. I do not want to create anything and it just kind of sucks.

I don’t have any solutions for it other than to try and find something to motivate myself with.
I like to hide behind my fear, my doubt, and my insecurities because its comfortable. I have made it a home for myself and maybe that is the problem.

I try an analyze myself and figure out what is wrong with me and I never ask myself what is right about me. It is always that pessimistic evil voice inside me trying to dictate the joy and happiness within me. Bossing them around and ultimately making me feel unhappy about everything.
And that same voice is reassuring me that I am safe within my false reality of life.

So, what am I doing?

I am slowly pushing myself out of that place, not trying to listen to that voice. It is hard and something I have been struggling with for a long time. Am I willing to commit to myself and just truly be the best me this year or let this anxiety life take over?

No, I will not let anxiety suck the fun out of me. I will not let it make me become someone who I am not. I will commit to be the best me because I want to grow, I want to see new places, I want to try new foods, I want to be the me I always dreamed of.

So friend, if you are reading this and can relate lets both try and be better for ourselves. Let us push ourselves a little bit each day from our comfort and insecurities and just do the things we want to do.

Much love,
zayra xoxo

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