I question myself as I see my dreams disappearing as I do not feed the person I wished to be. It has been so long since I last dedicated some time to myself and allow myself to be creative. I used to get random bursts of inspiration and I would run to jot down my stories, my ideas, and even any thoughts that came to my mind.

At one point, I wanted to challenge myself to be creative by looking into creative writing classes to nurture and feed my mind, body, and soul. That dream quickly dissipated because I allowed the routines of society to eat my energy away.

“Wouldn’t life be so much easier if there was more time?” I say to myself all the time.

But it is not about time, it is about holding oneself accountable to do something good for ourselves. Life will always pull us in many directions and we should be able to make time for the things that make us happy.

Yet, here I am again. Almost a year out and have not been giving my dreams the time it deserves.

I am not a writer anymore, I am a phony.


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