As the celebrations of the holidays are coming to a conclusion, we are heading back to our “normal” routines. Whether it is to kick start the year on a new diet or continue eating as your preference. I write to myself to remind us all to not forget and be kind to yourself.

I always find the new year feeling fresh and full of inspiring possibilities. However, I also feel overwhelmed that I need to have some sort of plan in place to get an idea of what the new year should be about.

Should I finally start that diet and stick to it for a good three treacherous month of agony and stale flavors? I kid you not, I am the type to do this for a whole week and then cave into the sweets. It doesn’t help that my birthday falls on the first day of the new year because I’ve already begun the year filled with sweets.

It’s funny though, I complain about that and not be kind to myself.

This year though I realize that I get to start a brand new year not only celebrating a new year but also celebrating another year of life.

And I could go on and on about how life is so beautiful because it is, but I am so lucky to start the year celebrating me.

Hate to sound like it’s all about me, cuz it’s not, but today it sure is! And tomorrow we will be kind to ourselves as we start to go back to our schedules and routines.

I wish you all a wonderful year, may this be a year full of love, opportunity, and peace of mind to us all.

Much love always, Z


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