birdie that flew away

you know that knick that bugs you in your brain to do something? let’s call it a birdie. I kept ignoring that birdie, letting the voice fade away. one day I just didn’t hear.

where is the birdie that flew away?

I dunno.

Did she grow tired of my constant blows to go away? did she finally find someone new to nag away?

yearning, searching; i look for my birdie that flew away.

birdie is the constant creative in me. the one who I long ignored and let die of hunger. i didn’t feed it and it starved to death.

birdie, i search for you. please come again.

love yours truly, zee.

Weak in your love

You. It’s all I can think about sometimes. Why you though? Why does the heart want the person who I can’t have? It’s puzzling how you really can’t control the way you feel for someone because it’s not the things you do for me. It’s the way you see the world. The way you breathe. It’s the way the sunlight hits your face, the wind blowing through your hair. Your scent… I want you but can’t have you… And the desire to have your utmost attention is insatiable… nothing fulfills the need to want to be with you.

Me? I will always be weak in your love.